This exhibition sees him collaborating with 32 writers from a diverse range of backgrounds and results in a body of work that varies in scale from postcard-size pieces to large canvasses.

It reveals the physical diversity of the British landscape, whilst providing an insight into the concept of ‘place’ – that collective sense of identity, meaning, longing and nostalgia present within the British psyche.

By inviting 32 contributors, including the writers Robert Macfarlane and Richard Mabey, as well as scientists, poets, and even Michael Eavis (founder of Glastonbury Festival) to write a personal transcript of a place they felt a connection to, Jackson was able to gain an insight into how this eclectic mix of writers and thinkers view the British landscape. This created a unique opportunity for him to shift the location of his work away from the immediately personal, to places, environments and landscapes that generate a sense of attachment in others.

Kurt Jackson: Place
Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton: 14/10/14 - 7/3/15
Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro: 27/3/15 - 3/10/15
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath: 10/10/15 - 3/1/16