“Our existence depends on this biodiversity; the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink ultimately all requires it.”

Kurt Jackson.

Kurt Jackson’s touring exhibition aims to demonstrate (and celebrate) the amazingly biodiverse world we live in.

All life-forms have the same entitlement to exist as we do; they are all individually fascinating, extraordinary and beautiful organisms in their own right.

By being aware of the life we share this planet with, we can appreciate it and work to conserve it.

Kurt Jackson’s Biodiversity is an exhibition of paintings, found objects and sculpture made in various locations across the UK that highlight the specific biodiversity of each area.

Jacksons’ work also looks demonstrate how biodiverse habitats are affected as a result of human activity and climate change. This new body of work focuses on the vital interdependence of lifeforms and the landscapes they inhabit.

Kurt Jackson: Biodiversity 
 – Solo Touring Exhibition
Solo Touring Exhibition

March 29th – June 30th 2021
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, BA3 4AT

February 3rd – 15th May 2022
Oxford Museum of Natural History, Oxford, OX1 3PW.

May 27th – October 29th 2022.
Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, SO14 7LP.

Under the waters, on a mountain, in a street, in your living room, what lives there?

Published to accompany Kurt Jackson’s touring exhibition, Biodiversity features a range of contributors including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gillian Burke, Richard Mabey, George Monbiot and Mark Cocker.

This 136 page contains over 120 images and written contributors from experts in their fields from television, radio, sustainability and academia.

Kurt Jackson: Biodiversity is available to order from Kurt Jackson Editions. 

Works from this exhibition are available to purchase.
Please contact info@kurtjackson.com for enquires.