“…a place of copper and tin, of millions once made and lost, of finite resources. Now reverted to somewhere once again dominated by the elements – the wild Atlantic and nature in the raw…”

Kurt Jackson, 2014

An exhibition of large-scale and intimate paintings, produced by Kurt Jackson from close consideration of the landscape very near to which he resides.

These emotive works represent the artists undying interests and concerns with the unpredictable forces of nature.

“Perched on the cliff, legs hanging over and gazing down the vertiginous heights, I am wrapped in and faced with layers of intense beauty; the seas push and pull down below, the cliffs floral perfume, the birdcall, insect song and flight, a fulmars gliding, a stonechat clack, an iridescent beetle, geological streaks of brilliance, the gales, the sun, the squalls and all to be painted.” 
– Kurt Jackson 2014

Kurt Jackson – Cargodna
December 2 – 23 2014.

Redfern Gallery,
20 Cork Street,
Mayfair, London,
W1S 3HL.