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Our existence depends on biodiversity; the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink all depend on it…

With a series of paintings, sculptures and mixed media works this exhibition will aim to show what an amazingly biodiverse world we still live in and how this is changing. All these life forms have the same entitlement to live as we do and fundamentally they are all individually fascinating, extraordinary and beautiful organisms in their own right. By being aware of the life we share this planet with we can appreciate it and then conserve it.

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Solo Touring Exhibition
May 27th – October 29th 2022.
Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, SO14 7LP.

Helford River

The name Kurt Jackson is synonymous with large-scale, ambitious, visceral plein-air paintings that capture the raw power and natural beauty of the landscape laid before his canvas.

In his newest collection, leading British contemporary artist Kurt Jackson revisits the Helford River, it’s creeks and tributaries to reveal stunning beauty and incredible biodiversity.

A dedicated environmentalist, Kurt Jackson is drawn to the Helford not just for its stunning vistas and romantic associations, but equally for its significance as an area rich in biodiversity and importance to conservation and wildlife.

In what is sure to be another blockbuster, this exhibition draws together Jackson’s paintings, sculpture, etchings and ceramics to celebrate a truly unique part of Cornwall.

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Solo Exhibition
27th August 2022 – 18th February 2023.
Jackson Foundation, North Row, St Just, TR19 7LB.

Recent Past Exhibitions

Kenidjack: A Cornish Valley (2021/22)

Mermaids’ Tears (2021/22)

Orwell’s Jura, Morag’s Skye (2021/22)

Wheat: From Plough to Plate (2021)

The Greeenways (2020/21)

A Prehistoric Cornwall (2020/21)

Art, Music, Activism. (2020)

Fonthill (2020)

Frenchman’s Creek (2019-20)

The Stour – From Source to Sea (2019)

Crab and Lobster (2019)

Thorn (2019)

Scilly (2018)

Seacrows (2018)

A Cotswold Village (2017)

Fig and Olive (2017)

Revisiting Turner’s Tourism (2016/18)

Bees (and the Odd Wasp) in my Bonnet (2016/17)

Cargodna (2014)

Place (2015/16)